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Fluorescent weave

A collection of three large scale wall hangings, 2019

Fluorescemt neon yarn

700cm x 120cm

590 x 120cm

650 x 120cm

Reflective fluorescent yarn adapts and itself creates new ambientconditions that is highly sensitized to the fluctuations of light and dark.


A group show curated by Jean Blanchaert at Teatro Franco Parenti

Parenti Design District during Salone di Mobile in Milan, April 2019.

Homo Faber 2018

Homo Faber 2018 - Venice

Crafting a more human nature

14-30 September 2018

An inspiring showcase of the finest European Craftmanship.

It's an honour to be selected amongst the Best European Craftsmen and present 'Tactile Intuition' a large scale wallpiece at Home Faber 2018.

'Best of Europe' 

is curated by Jean Blanchaert.

The making of 'Tactile Intuition' 2017

A thick cotton warp and weft in two custom dyed colours create an irregular structure suggestive of a secret instinctive surrounding. The custom dyed colours symbolize a magnetic groundness, creating a monolithic landscape with a profound echo. The wall-piece hangs heavily from a solid brass rod, emphasizing the downfall weight of the piece like a cascade, creating a spatial 'environment'.

100% fishnet cotton

120 x 485 x 15cm

17 kg

Choosing the count of yarn.
Swedish Lace weave

'When Swedish Lace is woven, the pattern doesn't show up until the fabric is off the loom and only then the fabric is relaxed and the pattern is shown

Pantone samples

A collection of hand-dyed copper wire and monofilament samples in leno weaves made on a George Wood Loom


Heavy wool blankets.

100% aplaca wool 

105 x 300cm

Hand-dyed throw in herringbone, part of the exhibition 'Nuances'

100% hand-dyed cotton

110 x 267cm

Invitation for 'Nuances' exhibition

A collection of handwoven throws

For Black Celebration Store

The Joanna Louca for Black Celebration collection consists of hand-woven, oversized statement pieces, made of chunky wool which is employed as key ingredient. The opulent richness and heaviness of the weaves is fundamental to the collection, as it combines the tweed, the pointed drafts and the spaced knots to provide each piece with individuality and character

Beyond dress codes

An exhibition illustrating a progressive dialogue between traditional costumes and contemporary fashion.

The costume was designed and handwoven taking inspiration form Greek folk costumes. 



Rug weaving classes with Jason collingwood

Handwoven rug wool

100% wool


Weaving process

Part of the process of handweaving

Weaving process

Weaving process

Photoshooting my new wallpiece

The changes of the pattern based on an extended or short repeat of the double cloth create a block effect almost architectural.

50% monofilament, 50% cotton

250 x 65cm

Handwoven sculpture and framed wool panel

100% Wool, 80% Monofilament, 10% Cotton, 10% Silk

92 x 62.5cm
92 x 62.5cm

Handloom tools
Handwoven rug in wool

100% Wool
100 x 200cm

Striped cotton Kaftans

100% Cotton

Cashmere throws

80% Cashmere, 20% Cotton
115 x 175cm,
115 x 200cm,
115 x 210cm

Enamelled copper wire and hand-dyed monofilament wallpiece. The piece was a part of a group exhibition at Gallery Bensimon, Paris.

50% Copper Wire, 50% Monofilament
102 x 265cm

Twill herringbone throws

60% Cotton, 20% Linen, 10% Mohair, 10% Wool
110 x 250cm

Cashmere and merino wool blankets

80% Cashmere, 20% Cotton
80% Merino Wool, 20% Cotton

115 x 175 cm, 115 x 200 cm
110 x 210 cm, 110 x 245 cm

Archive of handwoven samples
Cross-over style handwoven throws

40% Chenille, 30% Wool, 20% Mohair, 10% Cotton
110 x 250cm

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