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Artisan weaver Joanna Louca creates fabric narratives since 2001 by intertwining diverse materials through complex weaving craftsmanship on domestic hand-looms.

The atelier is based on collective research combining fine craftsmanship, hand dyeing and artisan techniques, always providing meticulous attention to detail and great respect to local traditional weaving techniques.

Since 2012, Joanna Louca Woven Editions has been taking up commission projects to create bespoke textile artworks for private residences and commercial spaces worldwide.
Each of the numbered woven editions is a distinct creation resulting from an incessant quest to cross the boundaries of conventional weaving.


5c Medontos str
1060 Nicosia
+357 99 686278

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Joanna Louca studied Woven Textiles at Middlesex University in 1990 and obtained a Masters Degree in Textiles at Goldsmiths University in 1996.


My motto is to study the craft profoundly, optimise the technique. I create fabric narratives through complex weaving craftsmanship on domestic handlooms at my atelier in Cyprus since 2001. The atelier is a textile laboratory based on a profound research and experimentation that derives from a thorough study on traditional weaving techniques. The weaving process and its meditative aspect are important as much as the work created from it.The stronger the technical knowledge and foundations allow the weaver to form a tactile sensibility and respect to the craft. I praise the wonders of the yarn, celebrating the process and technique as woven fabrics form their own identity. Weaving is a correspondence between weaving and writing, similar practises or operations, binding threads, stringing together words into text to create a personal 'lexicon'. Part of my practise is also the creation of a digital archive library reflecting the atelier's extensive research work for over two decades.

Selected Exhibitions

2023 'There is a new sun, everyday, a ball of fire' solos show at Andreas Murkudis, Space 77, Berlin.

2022 'Révélations' International Biennial of Crafts and Creation, Paris

2022 'Archives' group show at Mattei House, Larnaka

2022 'Craftland' group show, Anassa Hotel, Cyprus

2021 Woven Landsapes at Rosewood Hotel, Guangzhou

2021 'System of options' collaboration for La Biennale di Venezia of the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, Venice.

2019 'Kunst - und Designsalon 2019' - 'Europe's Designing Women' at Landergalerie, Linz

2019 Group exhibition curated by Jean Blanchaert at Teatro Franco Parenti, Milan

2019 'Transformation' The common Thread Gallery, Online exhibition, curated Brittany Wittman McLaughlin

2018 'Homo Faber' - Crafting a more human nature, Best of Europe' curated by Jean Blanchaert, Venice. Italy

2016 'Standard Incomparable', organized by Helen Mirra, Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA

2016 'Appartement', Gallery Bensimon, Group show. Paris.

2015 Mint, Group show. London.

2016 'Choses qui font battre le coeur', Gallery Bensimon, Group show. Paris.

2014 'Nuances', Phytorio, Solo show. Nicosia.

2013 Black Celebration Store, Solo show. Nicosia.

2004 Group show of the new EU members at the Lisbon Expo. Lisbon

2004 11th Triennial of Tapestry, Museum of Lodz. Group show. Lodz.

2004 Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation Museum, Solo show. Nafplio.

2003 11th Biennial of Young European Artists, Group show. Athens.

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